Student Jobs In Nottingham

So, this is my first term as a student in Nottingham. I’m just getting to know people around campus, I have no idea what’s around here but I’ve heard the night life for students in Nott’s is amazing!

But first thing’s first, and as my parents like to remind me on a daily basis through text, email, Skype, good old fashioned pen to paper or whatever form of communication they can get their hands on “What you really need darling is a job!” Thanks Mum. And the search is on. The thing is, if you’re a student in Nottingham who already lived in Nottingham then chances are you’re gonna know or at least have a vague idea of the sort of places that might offer work to students. But I’ve only just landed here, literally on my own and as yet I’m struggling to remember how to get to the main entrance on campus never mind navigate my way around the battle of the bar jobs!

There’s a whole heap of info in ‘Mooch’ (the student union bar/café on campus) which is where I found out about which has been awesome. They’ve got weekend jobs for students, summer jobs for students, a massive selection of part time student jobs AND they also list student internships, work experience for students and volunteering opportunities, bonus!! Most of the vacancies are for bar work or retail, customer service assistants, some events promotion (you know the type, standing in the city centre on a Friday night with a huge pile of leaflets advertising cheap entry and drinks for student’s) but cash is cash and when you can’t afford to be choosey it’s worth a shot right? Another good site I stumbled across is which also has a lovely long list of opportunities for part time, Christmas temps, all sorts really and they say pay in Nottingham is pretty decent  with most student jobs paying upwards of £6.00 an hour or £50 per day.

I haven’t just stopped at looking specifically at student jobs though (Mother will be pleased). There’s part time jobs advertised all over the place. Nottingham has a local newspaper called The Nottingham Post which prints all its jobs in a supplement on a Wednesday, but the website is updated every day. You can search the whole site if you want, look through every job that’s listed or you can refine your search through location, job title, skills, salary, industry sectors etc. You can also set it to search jobs listed either in the last 7 days, 3 days, 2 days, current day, in the last 4 hours or the last 2 hours. This is really useful if you’re checking it every day (like me) because it saves you from trawling through a load of stuff that a student in Nottingham doesn’t have a hope of applying for- Sales Executive wanted £45,000 per annum +benefits I WISH! I guess that’s one good reason to stick to the student websites really, least you know they’re all jobs that are doable.

My brother gave me another idea for job hunting- to place your own add. He’s a bit older than me and apparently back in his day you had to put a card in a shop window offering your services which usually cost you. But being the spring chicken that I am, 15 years his junior we now have the marvels of social media so I will be tweeting and face booking my availability. Worth a try!

So all in all, I reckon being a new student in Nottingham looking for a job shouldn’t be that hard. There seems to be plenty of jobs available and they’re pretty easy to find out about. That’ll keep Mum happy at least. Wish me luck!

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Student work can help pay for those nights out