living and studying in Nottingham

For many years Nottingham has attracted students from all over the country. With two highly regarded universities and it’s convenient location right in the heart of the Midlands it has always been a popular choice. It is obvious from the quantity of Student accommodation Nottingham has to offer, such as the new purpose built apartment blocks popping up all the time, as well as the more traditional shared housing options that the student population is continuing to thrive. So apart from the outstanding reputation held by the two universities, what is it about Nottingham that makes it such a great place to live and study?


Well although Nottingham is a city with all the attractions and amenities you would expect to find elsewhere it is still fairly compact. With a reliable bus network and a tram system that is currently undergoing a significant extension, it is a very easy place to get used to travel around and nothing is ever too far away. As much of the student accommodation tends to be in the areas directly surrounding the universities you may find most of your regular routes are within walking or cycling distance saving you a packet on travel fares, which is of course an instant bonus. Within these areas there is a real sense of community among students and it is really easy to make new friends when everyone is so close by. Even if you move into a student property knowing nobody you will soon find plenty of people to hang around with.

nottingham uni

With the money you save on travel you can afford to refresh your wardrobe from time to time. Nottingham is a thriving shopping city. Within the city centre there is a good range of shops as you would expect to find on any high street. From the bargain budget favorites such as Primark and the regulars like Topshop and New Look  to the high end stores on Bridlesmith Gate there is something for everyone. Part of student life is about discovering the real you, and being given the opportunity to express yourself in a new environment away from your parents and the school rules. So if your taste is a little more bespoke then head towards Hockley for independent outlets offering something a little different.

When you get bored of swatting all day in your student accommodation Nottingham is not short of night time entertainment. Bars and clubs a plenty in the city centre and close to most of the surrounding student properties. Or you could enjoy a nice meal in one of the many restaurants catering for all tastes. But even if you fancy a break from the booze there’s the cinema. ice rink, concert hall and the increasingly popular comedy clubs for an alternative night out. Most places offer generous discounts for students, particularly midweek when town is usually quieter. Check the internet for voucher codes before you choose where to go.

Nottingham is the perfect place to base yourself whilst you study.  A friendly which has invested heavily to attract students from all over. Many choose to stay in Nottingham after completing their degree as the future job prospects are also good, particularly for medical students as Nottingham has two large hospitals within the city. Why not visit Nottingham for a few days to get a feel for the place, explore the local area, speak to some students and maybe even view a few potential student properties while you are there. Moving to a new city is a big decision and you need to be happy you have made the right choice.