Getting a handyman to fix your student accommodation

A bit of a different post this. It is all about the inevitable repairs that need to be made on properties be it the fault of the landlord, tenant or just ware and tare.

student accommodation

The first thing most student tenants think when they see damage is “OMG I am going to get charged for this”. But that is not always the case, it all depends on hats broken and how it broke. Most letting agents will enlist the services of a handyman such as 1st handyman of Bristol, or they will have a handyman employed by the company to carry out repairs directly. Who does what is simple. Big complicated repairs are often carried out by the sub contracted handyman whilst the smaller minor works such as unblocking loo’s, changing light fittings etc are completed by the letting agents maintenance team.

Chances are the big jobs the student did not cause damage and it is a refurbishment or something serious is going wrong with the property (roof leaks, pointing, old windows etc), so as a tenant you need not worried about being charged here. However the smaller jobs that are not ware and tare are often chargeable such as unblocking a loo, replacing a shelf, damaged furniture etc. So what’s the best thing for a student to do to keep his handyman charges down?

  • Do not over fill things – that includes drawers as they bases fall out, toilets, sounds gross but if you think it is slightly blocked dont use it and try and unblockĀ it yourself, do not leave it till the last hour, and of course shelves. Shelving and furniture is not industrial and will not hold every single thick book you have so please use common sense.
  • Get it fixed your self – that’s right maybe a parent or even a local handyman you find on-line will be able to make minor repairs on his way home form work for a small fee. Always worth considering.

It is not just the tenants that need to review the way the property is maintained. The landlord could benefit from from couple of tips. To often a landlord is in fear of how much he or she should be paying out to have works complete. Click here to find out what a typical handyman in bristol charges for maintenance works. The key I suppose is staying opn top of your maintenance and fixing things right the first time. If the bath keeps leaking through to the kitchen then maybe you should consider a new suite and tiles. It is inevitable that you will need this one day so why keep throwing money at re-sealing and grouting constantly when you already know how it will finish.

  • Fix it right the first time – perhaps the more expensive solution that day, but in the long run it will save you lots of money
  • Buy good quality fixtures and fittings – when everything is nice and new it makes problems and damage caused by poor use more easily identifiable when inspections are made, thus looking after your investment.

So take these tips away with you and hopefully you now think differently about how property maintenance and handyman services are used through out your student accommodation.

Handyman bristol


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