student accommodation, when to start looking


It is that time of year again. Christmas has been and gone and if you are still living in University Halls it is time to start looking for alternative student accommodation for when you return to uni after the summer break. September may seem like a long time away, but in terms of the academic year it will soon come round so you need to act now to secure the best deals and the best student properties available in the Nottingham area.

Landlords and Letting agencies will be working hard to attract your attention and draw you into signing up to a tenancy agreement with them. There are hundreds of student properties available in Nottingham and they will be keen to fill as many rooms as quickly as possible. So where should you begin your search? And who can you really trust for honest advice about renting student property?

Well your university will have loads of reliable information about the properties in your local area. They will be able to advise you on suitable locations, those that have good transport links for example and those areas that  are heavily populated by students therefore offering security and a sense of community. They will also be able to give you an idea of how much you should be paying for what and all the properties they recommend will comply with current unipol standards so you can be sure they are safe, lean and legal.

There are several letting agencies in Nottingham offering student accommodation. They will of course be promoting their own properties so bear that in mind when you contact them. They do however have to abide by strict guidelines aswell  though, so again the standard of properties on offer should be perfectly acceptable.

Do you research, talk to existing students about their experiences with various agencies, take your time but do not leave it until the last minute to make your choice. Prices can vary dramatically as can the facilities offered, read the small print so you are clear exactly what is included and hat will be charge as extra. You may have enjoyed the freedom of the last year or so without your parents but this may be a good time to call on them for advice, and perhaps to help with negotiations between you and the letting agencies. Especially if you are relying on them for financial help when you move.


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